U10 Boys Team – FREE Soccer Tournament This Weekend in Lancaster/Lititz

A U10 boys team just dropped from the Lititz Shummer Showcase.

As a result, we are offering a FREE spot to a U9 or U10 Boys team for the Lititz Summer Showcase being held in Lititz, PA on 7/30 and 7/31

Schedule will be as follows:

Saturday 7/30 8:00am vs CPYSC Black
Saturday 7/30 11:00am vs Panthers United
Sunday 7/31 Noon vs North Union Cannons 01
Sunday 7/31 3:00pm finals if you advance

If you are interested, go to www.lititzsummershowcase.org and apply on line. At the end of the application where it asks for payment, click you will pay by check.

Lititz Summer ShowcaseThis is a free spot, but we do request a performance bond to make sure the team shows at the tournament. After you complete the application, go back to www.lititzsummershowcase.org and click on “payments” where you can pay the $500 performance bond (entry fee) on line with a credit card. We will have a check that we will give your team at the tournament for the full amount of $500.

We will accept the first team that applied and pays the fee on-line.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mike Logan

Tournament Director
email:  loganwhs@verizon.net

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