Assistant Soccer Coach Needed for U-19 Recreation Team in Rheems Area

soccer coach chalkboardDo you know anyone who would be interested in volunteering as an assistant coach for a U19 boys soccer recreation team?  All of the coaching is volunteer.  The boys range in age from 14-17.  The skill level varies greatly.  They practice on Tuesday & Thursday evenings 5:30 – 7:30 in Rheems.  They have games this fall on six Saturdays (2-mornings & 4-afternoons).  They have a tournament on October 8th or 9th.  All of the tournament games will be played on the same day.

Any help is appreciated.  It really takes two or more people to keep things moving at practices and games.  Please contact contact Barry Sheesley either by cell phone or email at 717-808-7534 or sheesleys(at)

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