Over 40(ish) Men’s Soccer at Spooky Nook

Starts Monday January 27

Spooky Nook is providing us the following (most weeks):

            2 fields at 8:30pm

            2 fields at 9:30pm

             BYOB (yes – drinks after the game!)

             Cost will be $60 – $70 for a TEN game session!

If you or you have friends/teammates who are close to 40 (or over 40) and are willing and able to place nice (i.e. no one who’s going to cause yellow/red cards)

Fill out the form below and contact us ASAP

Sorry. This form is no longer available.


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Bryan Coe

Bryan Coe

Bryan has been playing soccer since he was 8 years old and continues to actively play as well as coach youth soccer. Bryan's mission is to help people enjoy the beautiful game throughout their lives.
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