Wick Futball Over 30 Outdoor Summer League 2014 Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2014 Wick Over 30 Soccer League is now open.  Please go to www.wickfutball.org and click on the registration button.  If you have an account from 2013, just enter your credentials.  You will not need to create a new account.  Just register for this upcoming season.  New participants will need to create an account and then register.

Make sure you email .PDF files of the completed liability form, and if you are a new player, your proof of age as well.

over 30 outdoor summer league

The Lititz Over 30 Recreation Soccer League plays on Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM. Games are played on full size fields, have licensed referees, and play full ninety (90) minutes. There are twenty two or more players on a team and liberal substitutions used. While the league is competitive, it is intended to be “recreational,” therefore, there are no standings, playoffs, or a league champion “crowned.”  New players are welcome.  Please read the League Rules in the handout section before registering.  All players must be willing to comply with these rules.

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