Worst Own Goal Ever!

worst own goal ever

If you at first you don’t succeed….. It took two tries, but it’s definitely in now!

The 10 Rules of Soccer as a Kid

10 rules of soccer as a kid

10 Rules of Soccer as a Kid The fattest one is always the goalkeeper. The person who’s ball it is decides who plays. Penalties are only awarded if injured player swears a lot. The match only ends when everyone is tired. No matter how many you are winning by the winner is always determined by […]

Epic Missed Goal From Three Yards

Ever beat the goalie to find yourself one on one with the crossbar? I’m sure you’ve never missed putting it in the back of the net from three yards out… No never.. Ah the internet where failure can be delivered from even the most obscure soccer matches in the world.

TGIF – Soccer A Game for Life

TGIF! Have a great soccer weekend. And remember it’s a game for life! And apparently cross dressers, but never mind that.. Give us you best caption for this photo.