New Pickup Soccer in Harrisburg, PA

pick-up soccer in central pa

Thanks to one of our fans on Facebook we have 3 new pickup soccer sessions in Harrisburg, PA add to our list. Check them out below:

  • Monday – Adult Co-ed Pickup Soccer. 5:30:  This a free pickup soccer session at the Middletown Penn State Campus.
  • Wednesdays – Adult Pickup Soccer. Wed. 5:30: This a free pickup soccer session at Fort Hunter off N Front St. in Harrisburg, PA
  • Saturdays – Adult Pickuo Soccer. Sat. 10:30: At Sporting Hill Elementary School in Mechanicsburg.

 For more information and the full list of places you can play pick-up in Central, PA visit our Pick-up Soccer Page.

Also, don’t forget Tuesday behind the Villa Nova on Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster, PA.

As always please let us know if you know of any new pickup going on in Central PA. Shoot us a message via Facebook, Twitter or our Contact form

New Pickup Soccer in Lititz and Berks County

adult pickup soccer

As many of you already know we weren’t able to get official use of the Foundation Fields facility this year, but good news! There are a couple of new pickup options.

  • Wednesday: Open coed Pickup at LAMS: Wednesday evenings @ 6:00pm Cost Free.  All ages from kids to adults. At LAMS Lititz Area Mennonite School.
  • Sundays: Adult pickup at Lorane Elementary School: @ 5pm. Cost free. This is an open pickup in Berks county. The location is behind the Lorane Elementary School.

For more information and directions please visit our Pickup Soccer page.

As always please let us know if you know of any new pickup going on in Central PA. Shoot us a message via Facebook, Twitter or our Contact form


The 10 Rules of Soccer as a Kid

10 rules of soccer as a kid

10 Rules of Soccer as a Kid

  1. The fattest one is always the goalkeeper.
  2. The person who’s ball it is decides who plays.
  3. Penalties are only awarded if injured player swears a lot.
  4. The match only ends when everyone is tired.
  5. No matter how many you are winning by the winner is always determined by “next goal wins.”
  6. No referee.
  7. If nobody has a ball, a plastic bottle will do.
  8. If you are picked last, you have no hope in life.
  9. Getting a soccer ball stuck under a car is the most stressful part of life.
  10. When the owner of the balls gets pissed off, it’s game over.

Fall PickUp Soccer

There are some changes to the PickUp page for the fall. We’ve added Tuesday nights behind the Villa Nova on Harrisburg Pike Lancaster. There’s still pickup on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Wyomising.

If you know about any other pickup please comment here or post to our Facebook page.

Check out the PickUp Page for more.

Summer Pick-up Soccer is Back! Near Lancaster

Summer pick-up is back at Foundation Fields at the Overlook complex in Manheim Township, near Lancaster

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-Dark

Play starts tonight 6pm and goes until dark, or until no one can run anymore. Which ever comes first. This is not an organized event, so show up, bring a white and a dark shirt, organize yourselves into teams and have fun!

Tuesdays: Family
Thursdays: Adult men (and competitive women).

The fields are offered at no charge to us by the Manheim Township Soccer Club. So please don’t play when the fields are wet, so we don’t tear up the fields.

In addition because we want to keep it friendly and safe for everyone, we only have a couple of requests.

  • No slide tackles
  • And please wear the proper protective gear

Check out the map below for directions.

 Hope to see lots of you there!

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Pickup Soccer – Update

Thursday pick-up will move to Hamilton Park this week due to the start of school.

Thursdays: Hamilton Park Lancaster, PA:
@ 6:30pm until Dark. Cost – free.

Parking lot is available on Millersville Pike across the street from Manor Shopping Center. More in info on our Pickup Soccer page


Adult Pickup Soccer At the Quarry

Pickup has already started at the Quarry in Wyomising (Reading Area). They play Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Wyomissing Quarry Fields. The cost is $5 and play starts at 6pm. Ask for Doc. View Map

We should be getting more pickup dates and locations soon, and as always please let us know if you know of any pickup sessions going on around Central PA: Lancaster, York, Reading, Harrisburg and more. Make sure you check the pickup soccer page for more updates.


Lancaster Area Senior Soccer Studs – Over 50 Men

The LASSS’s, the Lancaster Area Senior Soccer Studs, have 4 dates for Ov-50 Men’s pickup:Over 50 men's soccer

Sat, 4-16
Sat, 4-30
Sat, 5-7
Sat, 5-21

All 4 games are at the Ephrata Twp Park scheduled for 3:30; however, times may change due to youth club games.

To sign up for the LASSS’s club and email updates, email Barry Christ, LASSS’s Coordinator, at

Looking for a Good Kick Around?

Rooseter Pickup soccer in Central PA

Looking for a good kick around?
Don’t forget the pick-up games in Central PA!

Lancaster Area:

  • Sundays: Hamilton Park (Across from Manor Shopping Center, next to Planet Fitness) @ 5:30pm – dark.
  • Sundays: Garden Spot High School Fields @ 6pm
  • Mondays: Red Rose Arena @ 8-10pm
  • Wednesdays: Hamilton Park (Across from Manor Shopping Center, next to Planet Fitness) @ 5:30pm – dark.
  • Saturday: Cocalico High School in Denver @ 8-10am

Reading Area:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Wyomissing Quarry Fields: April-Thanksgiving. Tuesday and Wednesday @ 6pm. Cost $5.

Adult Pickup Thursday, September 30 @ 5:30 til Dark – Ephrata Twp. field

We received this message from Barry Christ Today:

I have the Ephrata Twp. field reserved for Thursday, Sept. 30 for Over-50, but I’d like to invite everyone for pickup, as the Over-50 league will not be playing a game that night. Reserved from 5:30 ’til dark (about 7:30).

Directions: 222 to 322 exit (at Walmart). Go west toward Ephrata for 1 mile to Bethany Rd. and turn left. Go 1/4 mile to 1st stop sign, which is Fulton St. Turn left and go 1/3 mile to park on the left. It’s a great field, very wide, smooth, and has nice grass. We need lots of legs to cover this big field.

Thanks Barry!